Logtech is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and assembly of technological transport systems. Our offer is addressed to many industries and is individually tailored to needs of customer.
The company has its own design office, workshop base and an experienced staff.
The main goal of company is to meet client expectations by constantly improving quality and qualifications of our staff, as evidenced by the ISO9001 Certificate.

About us

Logtech Spółka z o.o. is a team of specialists who have been designing and implementing automatic conveyor systems for material flow and production processes based on the latest technologies since 1998. For years we have been cooperating with the largest engineering companies in Europe and in the world, taking part in many projects, especially in the automotive industry.


Our installations automate production processes in car factories in agricultural machinery factories in the furniture and food industry and in household appliance factories.


In our equipment, which works in many car factories around the world, we have developed customized solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.


The main objective of the company is to meet client expectations by constantly upgrading and improving the quality, as evidenced by the received certificate ISO 9001.




Automatic guided vehicle system applied not only in indoor material transporting but also increasingly on the assembly lines helps to optimize all the production processes. The vehicles can be powered by battery or induction.

Furniture industry

Automated system based on the feeders, rollers and chain conveyors, lifters, up to the board treat equipment such as sawing stations, milling machines and the gluing press allow for continuous production of any format of the particle boards.

Overhead transporting EMS

The intelligent carriage system (EMS- Electrified monorail systems) is the indoor system for transferring wares and products. Fundamentally this system consists of independent electric carriages which move on an appropriately configured rail system. The rails are mounted using the special hangers. The moving carriages can works in the tact or smooth ride setup.
Versatility of this system allow to cooperate with many other technological transporting systems.
Through the latest technical solutions the carriages can overcome the altitude up to 3 ̊.
Another advantage of this systems is high efficiency. The carriages can move with the speed up to 120m/min, keeping the exact positioning.

The main components of the overhead EMS systems are:
Aluminum rail which is the track for the carriage
The trolley,
Powered by : conductor system, induction
Communication : conductor system, wireless Wifi
Positioning the trolleys : initiator, bar code
Overhead transporting carriage,
Adjusted to transported material, for example equipped to the roller conveyer which transports the euro palette.

Manipulators and applicators

Wherever the transshipment of materials or finished products is applied, there are devices based on the latest technical solutions serving reliably in the production process.
Grippers made in various techniques , vacuum, pneumatic and electromagnetic.

The transportation systems based on the conveyors and lifters.

The transportation systems are properly configured devices for horizontal and vertical transport.
Selection of the appropriate equipment has to ensure the continuity of the transport and comply with all the technological requirements – and that in particular the Logtech company can guarantee according to the broad spectrum of the transport equipment inter alia :


  • Stationary and movable conveyors :
    Skid conveyors
    Roller conveyors
    Chain conveyors
    Panel conveyors
    Conveyors with the modular belt
    Rotative conveyors
    Passing conveyors
    Float conveyors
  • Industrial lifters using the various techniques :
    Belt lifters
    Toothed belt lifters
    Chain lifters
    Tightrope technique lifters
    Textile belt lifters
    Depending on the transporting goods :
    Lifters with the built up conveyors ( roller, chain, others)
    Reload lifters with the telescope fork
    Lifters for the suspend systems EMS

Skillet systems

– based on the mounting platform
The principle of operation is based on a tightly adhering mounting platforms that slide smoothly on the assembly line. Platforms can be equipped with lift tables programmed to the ergonomic positions for the several operations. The power for the platforms can by supplied directly from the busbar or induction.

Automatic cranes

  • carrying cranes: Movement of the huge size elements is difficulty and can cause collisions. In this situation we can help by offering the automatic cranes which readily solve problems.
  • painting cranes: During the bath painting process in the tubes, unfailing painting cranes which carries the painting elements between the tubes are essential.


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